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HBCU 5K Run/Walk and Community Day


Hunger Relief Project (Food Drive)

WUAA Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware Chapter, in partnership with the HBCU Alumni Alliance and local food banks, will participate in neighborhood food drives to help fight hunger and combat food insecurities in our serving communities.   By providing resources to these areas, we hope to bring awareness to this ongoing problem and to educate recipients of the importance of healthy foods and its contribution to fighting health-related diseases and obesity.

In conjunction with the Philadelphia HBCU Alumni Alliance, WUAA Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware Chapter will help to bring the education and awareness of the health and wellness disparities that many face in our communities. 


This day will deliver the importance of how to make healthy meal choices, proper nutrition and regular exercise. Health screenings are also planned for this day.  Proceeds raised during this event will support current HBCU students majoring in the health and science fields.

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